What are you gonna be for Halloween?

 It's a common question...with a very important answer! "What are you gonna be for Halloween?” 

Kids love this holiday (so do adults). Especially for the candy, but also, for the chance to pretend. Remember those preschool days wearing a costume all year until it unraveled into the trash? Those early days of actually believing we were a real life princess or superhero? My daughter has been a fairy, Minnie Mouse, princess ghost, a princess, strawberry shortcake and Annie (I'll never forget that year).

The time honored tradition of dressing up continues as you navigate your 3rd Target trip with fingers crossed that you don't have to head to the overpriced Halloween store. Parents have all planned a costume that was well thought out, only to be changed at the last minute by our children. It's a big decision and in their eyes an important one!

So share some oldies, but goodies! #rememberwhen

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Shelley Michael is beginning her life-long passion as a first time author. As a seasoned educator in the field of early childhood, her daily experiences offer her an insight into the mind of a child. A constructivist by heart, she believes in learning through play. Shelley, her husband Bill and six year-old daughter Georgie Louise can be found spending time in the city, traveling, or at their home in Webster Groves, Missouri. Louise and Her Pink Polka Dot Suitcase Travel Series is set to be released this year by Storybook Genius Publishing. Stay tuned.....All Aboard !  is coming soon.

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It’s a common question…with a very important answer! “What are you gonna be for Halloween?”


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I am six years old. I live with my mom and dad. You may not know this about me, but, I love, love, love suitcases. My favorite suitcase has pink polka dots, four wheels and goes everywhere with me! I love trains. I love planes...and most importantly I love to travel with my pink polka dot suitcase! Shhhh...don't tell anyone but my pink polka dot suitcase has lots of pockets that hold all my treasures.

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