The Witch and the Hobo

Hey! It’s Halloween!

 I grew up in the 80’s so I had the “fortune” of growing up with those fantastic plastic costumes that made you feel like you were ingesting  toxic fumes that would lead to a respiratory problem later in life. That’s ok, I enjoyed being some weird plastic rabbit? WHAT IS THAT? Oh, and Oscar the, that’s a shock. But, I truly remember over a ten year span I was either a hobo or a witch. My witch mask literally made its appearance every other Halloween. ALL I ever remember wanting to be was a punk rocker with a side pony and a 45 record around it. BUT sadly, Cindy Lauper never won a Halloween costume contest...but the witch and hobo did a few times!

So jump 15 years into the future and I am the mother of two! And I am ready to conquer Halloween as a new mom. My first year...Cade was a cute little piggy. But my victory was short lived, enter...The Crab Towel Incident. He didn’t want to cooperate that year so I had him wear his crab hoodie bath towel. He stormed around his daycare in this ridiculous red towel and I was like, uhm..maybe I need some more practice at this. Yeah, a big mama fail there! NO Worries...I bounced back with a fireman and a rock star (secretly hoping he would live out my rock-n-roll dream). A little speed racer one year and some random costume I got on sale he begrudgingly wore...then Kel came along and he made his debut as a cute little skeleton.

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Then honestly, many years of  Halloweens behind this mom and the costumes all start to blend in....until one Halloween a couple of years ago.  Kel and Cade were Clark Kent...and I was their Lois Lane. We nailed it and loved every moment of it! This year....we will see. Cade said he wasn't dressing up and Kel is still undecided. Well of course he is! It is less than a week away! So, Hey--Happy Halloween! Success or failure...Cindy Lauper or not...enjoy!

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Cindy Lauper never won the Halloween costume contest…but the witch and the hobo did a few times!

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Cari Pointer

Cari Pointer first became interested in writing children’s books while taking a creative writing class during high school in the small southern town of Puxico, Missouri. She went on to attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, where her career interests turned toward helping ensure the safety and welfare of children. Cari has been working as a child welfare advocate for the State of Missouri for over a decade. In addition to working full time as a professional child welfare advocate, she is the mother of two growing boys. Her boys inspired the Hey Mom book series with their endless amount of the “hey mom, can yous”. In 2015, with the support of her husband and two boys, Cari decided to pursue her dream of writing her first children’s book. With her role as a published children’s book author, Cari has a new tool to use in her continued advocacy for children. Cari encourages other aspiring authors to live a life with “Big Dreams, No Regrets”, as she has. Follow her Hey, Mom blog

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