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Hey, there. I have always been one to workout and I love challenges! If you say “I can’t”, I will. So, about a year ago, several friends and I decided to challenge ourselves by doing running obstacle courses. We started with a 5k Warrior Dash in April and it was a blast! Soooo….we signed up for the Tough Mudder which is 10-12 miles of running and 20+ obstacles. In April, this sounded like a great idea. For the next several months, we all continued our workouts to get ready for it. Then…it was the night before and it didn’t sound like a good idea any longer. I began questioning myself. Can I do this? I was excited and nervous, but knew I had to rock this for both myself and my team!

It’s go time…our team meets and we are READY for whatever this Tough Mudder throws at us. The only way to finish is through teamwork and camaraderie. We check in, get our gear on, and hit the course. Running, hero carry, and more running. No problem. Ah…Mount Everest. You have to run up a half pipe and being a short girl like me, hope to goodness you run up high enough that one of the boys can get your hand so you can crawl the rest of the way up! Woot! Success on the first try! I did it. And on we go. More running, hills, mud, jumping, climbing up a human pyramid, crawling through nets of mud and water obstacles—having a blast and cheering each other on. AND then, I come to my first utter failure. Funky Monkey. Basically, going back to 3rd grade and going across the monkey bars…with deep cold water beneath you. I already knew I was NOT going to be good at this—I just don’t have that kind of upper body strength. I make it like two or three bars and then drop like an anchor into the deep cold water. I suck in enough water that I come up convinced that I am drowning. Thank you, life guard, for the embarrassing life preserver you had to throw me. It’s ok…I tried! Bring on the next!

On our team goes. Each one of us hitting the mile sign with each mile we conquer. 5.6.7. Heck yeah! We are doing this. We come to the Berlin Walls. Short girl problems again. My team can get me high enough to a certain point, but my legs are barely long enough to reach the wall. I destroyed my husband’s and friend’s head and shoulders getting over that one. Sorry guys! On we go. Mud Mile. We are literally in waist deep mud going up and down mud mounds. Awesomely dirty. Oh, now the big one. King of Swingers puts you twenty feet up in the air and you have to jump out and grab a trapeze and hit the water. Deep water, again. Dang! Ok, here I go. I only got one hand on it so I dropped right into the freezing water. I sucked down enough water for Scuba Steve to for save me, again. Thank you, Scuba Steve. Note to self…swimming lessons before next year. Sigh…Moving on.

More running and then we are on mile 9. Almost there. This team has been amazing. The boys have been helping everyone out and been incredible supports. The girls have finished every obstacle like rock stars. My first big OMGosh moment was when I cracked my shin and knee climbing a peg wall. The pain about knocked me down, Blah…NO WHINING IN A TOUGH MUDDER! Now, the Arctic Enema. I have been dreading this all day. I HATE cold water. You slide down into an ice filled tub and have to go under and over walls. DEAR LAWD! It was cold, and I got out of there fast and ran to our last obstacle. After 10+ miles and 20+ obstacles, we are to the Electro Shock Therapy. One obstacle away from joining the Mudder Family. This obstacle is hanging shock wires you have to run through in water. I made it through about 3/4 before I got the first shock that took me down…then it threw me into another shock! Ouch, but I got up and ran through the rest of the shocks to the finish line. Electro Shock Therapy was No problem for this team— we made our way through it, together. We did it. Our team DID it. We got our headbands and it was an AMAZING feeling of personal and team accomplishment. We were beat and battered, sore, amazingly happy and a new little family.

We all went home that night after celebrating and I know we all had a sense of pride in ourselves that we hadn’t had before the race. My son, Kel, ran his first Mini-Mudder and his Grandma Jo Jo took amazing pics—so proud of him. So, if anyone out there doesn’t think they can do something, just say YES, I CAN. Face your fears, say you can do it and GO FOR IT! We are looking for new members for our team next year, so think about it! I am incredibly proud of myself and my team…this is for you, Jason, Katie, Daniel, Christy, Kyle, Ellen, Tanner, and Ryan! Team Check Meowt!

team check meowt

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I have always been one to workout and I love challenges! If you say “I can’t”, I will.

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