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Tweet Tweet Tweet from the authors of Circus Bird…make time to read to your kiddos. It is as beneficial to them as it is to you! Reading to your infant is a nurturing activity that helps create the bonds of a relationship that will last a lifetime. You are not only encouraging their language development you are holding them while you read which forms their healthy attachment to you as their parent. Start reading to them when they are in the womb and continue until they are reading to you! You will soon realize that when children read to you it helps them talk to you about everything in life. It will give you a window into their world, a way for them to share their feelings and thoughts. There is no easier way to bond with your child…start today, pick-up that book and read!

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Bird delights children with its sweet rhyming and captivating pictures while encouraging early language and reading development. Follow Bird on a flight out of the nest to explore the world and meet new friends. Bird meets a silly juggling frog, a flying trapeze duck, a bee taming bear and a dancing horse. Bird's colorful journey takes us to the Big Top where talented animals are about to perform! Hurry, you don't want to miss the show!

I can't say enough good things about this book. The writing and illustrations are both wonderful. We bought 5 copies for all of the children in the family. Kudos to the writers and the illustrator. Kurt

My daughter LOVES to read this book! The illustrations are so fun!! Nikki

One of my kids favorite books to read! Sayjay

Jill CroftAuthor, Circus Bird

I have a Masters in Education and years of experience reading to children in the classroom. I have always been  a passionate reader.  I love to find great literature for the classroom. After reading many, many, books to my students, I  was inspired to write my own stories that would captivate the minds of young children and encourage early literacy. I am married with two beautiful daughters, to whom I love to read.

Erin LawrenceAuthor, Circus Bird

I have always had a love for children and a drive to see them thrive and succeed. This is what inspires me to create books that encourage early literacy and books that children love to read!  I am currently the Assistant Director of a preschool in St. Louis. I am the proud mother to four beautiful boys. My husband Jeff and I love to read together as a family.

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Reading to your infant is a nurturing activity that helps create the bonds of a relationship that will last a lifetime

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