Pony Painting Party!

Hey Moms....how about a Pony Painting Party???

Ah, birthday parties. Thank goodness they only come around once a year. The kiddos start planning their “theme” months in advance and usually change their minds fifteen times up to and including the day of the party. I work best under pressure, so I usually have a general idea then work my magic the day before or day of the party. I feel more spontaneous and fun that way. I have hosted several parties for family and kids over my children’s 13 years of life. Pirate Parties, Pool Parties, Super Hero Parties, and even a Zombie party ( I dressed up as a zombie too). So, when my sister mentioned my niece’s upcoming 6th birthday party was a Pony Painting Party, I was like, WHAT? First, you have to know my sister. She doesn’t throw parties. She gets stressed out, worries about too many details, and is, in general, more high strung than I am. So when she informed me of a Pony Painting Party with ten kiddos coming, I was somewhat impressed and intrigued.

First, I will explain the Pony Painting Party. The kids were literally going to paint a pony. A real pony. Cool idea, huh? So the thoughts started whirling through my mind...ten six year olds with paint brushes whipping paint on poor little Rose the pony. I warned my sister that Rose might come out looking like a zombie pony. This party should be interesting. (No worries....Rose the pony loved all of the attention).

So the day of the party arrived and  I was totally impressed with my sister. She pretty much has an agenda on how to keep ten six year olds busy for three hours (three hours??? Who does three hours? Two max!). The kids all start arriving with presents and laughter. The small house starts getting loud FAST. Then Party Planner Sis goes into all out agenda mode. First, the kids get to color a paper pony that they then tape on their pretty impressive, I have to say, goodie bags. Then there are HAND DRAWN pony heads on small canvases - one for each kiddo to paint. I am going to admit neither my mother nor I believed she actually drew those pony heads. She finally convinced us after we studied them looking for erased pencil lines where she messed up here and there. So the next thirty or so minutes, all of the kids were busy painting. Impressive.... Next up was painting ceramic animals and other goodies. Again, another thirty minutes down and everyone was contained and happy.

Then it was pony painting time! We all got in a line and trekked out to the barn. There is Rose all ready to get prettied-up. The idea was to use decorative horse paint and make designs and handprints on Rose. So we squeezed out pink and blue paint into each of the kiddos’ hands. They each got a turn putting their personal stamp on Rose. They thought it was great. And so did Rose! Oh, now to get the paint off the kids before they get it all over their clothes. One minor problem. The actual paint came off, but all of their hands were stained!  We scrubbed and scrubbed, but finally just decided to admit to all of the parents that we stained their children’s hands and hope it came off eventually. Smurfs are popular again, right? But boy were the kids ever so proud to show their parents Painted Rose.  

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So in the end, my niece was happy, the kids had fun, and Rose was pink and blue (and so were the kids). My sister...well...she was exhausted. Hey Moms, I call that a pretty successful Pony Painting Party.

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