Mars Rover Rescue

The Epic Space Adventure...continues

Your favorite Giraffestronaut and robot companion are back for another Epic Space Adventure in Mars Rover Rescue and this time they've brought along some friends.

Our intrepid space explorers are headed for Mars to search for a rover missing somewhere across the vast Martian landscape. But first they'll have to get there and figure out how to live on the red planet - something they can only do by working together.

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StoryBook Genius Publishing release date - May 2017,

debuting in NYC at BEA


The Epic Space Adventure series presents space science in a way that's easy to understand as created by Andrew Rader, a real Mars Explorer...well soon to be!!!!

Andrew Rader storybook genius publishing

Andrew is an aerospace engineer with a PhD in human spaceflight from MIT. He's also a Game Designer, Author, Youtuber, and winner of Discovery Channel's #1 series Canada's Greatest-Know-it-All.

Come see StoryBook Genius Publishing at our booth- #2527 Javits Center NYC  

May 31 - June 3, 2017


Come see StoryBook Genius Publishing at our booth- #2527 Javits Center NYC 

June 3-4, 2017

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