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Storybook Genius Books are now on MagicBlox

Exciting News!!! Storybook Genius Books are now on MagicBlox! MagicBlox is an online subscription based children’s book site where parents can get access to read dozens of new illustrated children’s books every month.  We are always looking for new ways to promote our author’s books.  Your fans can now preview your book on MagicBlox for free and then subscribe to get unlimited online access to the electronic version of your book.  MagicBlox memberships range from free to unlimited reads for a small monthly fee.  Your new MagicBlox fans can also purchase a hard copy of your book by selecting a link on the digital copy that will take them directly to our online children’s book site  This is another great way for our author’s to promote their title and grow their fan base!

Click here to check out our titles on MagicBlox!

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