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We believe that Image Thinkers are a gift. We see the brilliance in the dyslexic's brain. Introducing one true gift....Vicky Katrin and her books, Sorry, I am an Image Thinker and The Image Thinker Alphabet Book, debuting in 2017. 

Dyslexia, commonly known as a learning disability, affects 1 child out of 10 (United States, NIH research). A common misconception is that by training  you can heal the dyslexic brain. But we believe that dyslexia is a way of perceiving and thinking and does not have to be seen as a disability. The externalizations of a dyslexic brain vary strongly from person to person. The strategies used by the dyslexic brain to process thoughts/information in images occur at speeds 15 times faster than the "normal" brain does when processing written language/information.


Imagine a space in your mind where objects and characters appear and move around, where words and letters become three dimensional and rotate in your mind. This type of Image Thinking is why dyslexics are predisposed to out of the box thinking. Creativity is their strongest weapon! And the world needs these brilliant thinkers, especially in a world where technology and information processing is changing rapidly. 

Sorry, I am an Image Thinker and the Image Thinker's Alphabet Book debuting in 2017 are important books for those who are blessed with an image thinker brain.

It is our goal to help change the perception of dyslexia from that of a "learning disability" to an "assest".  Share in this mission with us!

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