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I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on the recent book appearances and readings that I have been so lucky to have gotten to do in recent weeks. I will admit that before my first school appearance, which was going to be in front of 50+ kindergartners, I was NERVOUS. The thoughts running through my head were, “Will they like the book?” “Will they like me?” “What do I wear?” “What if they BOO me?”. Kids that age are brutally honest and that was what was the most intimidating. Nothing like 50 little sets of eyes staring back at you looking bored out of their minds. EEK!

First read—little shaky, little sweaty, small little pit in my stomach. Good grief, there were so many of them. Hmmm…they look happy enough. Then it was game time. The teacher introduced me and the book and BOOM, there I went. Once, I started, I felt my flow. I love an audience and here I had fifty kiddos hanging on my every word. Laughing, making funny comments and just being kids. This was IT, this was what I had always wanted to do. Create something and share it with anyone who would enjoy it. By the end of the first read, I knew this was something I loved.

Since then, I have enjoyed several other readings in schools, libraries, and daycares, and have several upcoming readings at various places in the works. So, just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to those who have given me the “push” I needed, the support, the encouragement, and platform to bring you to the world of “Hey Mom” and Thank YOU for letting me share my story with you!

Hey Mom!

Very cute book! My pre-schooler loves it! And as a mom I can relate to the days full of Hey Mom Can You questions. I knew this was a great book for my little one when she started quoting it and mimicking the main character right away!-Tiffany

This is a wonderful book!! Very fun reading with kiddos!- Angela

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Cari Pointer

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Cari Pointer

Cari Pointer first became interested in writing children’s books while taking a creative writing class during high school in the small southern town of Puxico, Missouri. She went on to attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, where her career interests turned toward helping ensure the safety and welfare of children. Cari has been working as a child welfare advocate for the State of Missouri for over a decade. In addition to working full time as a professional child welfare advocate, she is the mother of two growing boys. Her boys inspired the Hey Mom book series with their endless amount of the “hey mom, can yous”. In 2015, with the support of her husband and two boys, Cari decided to pursue her dream of writing her first children’s book. With her role as a published children’s book author, Cari has a new tool to use in her continued advocacy for children. Cari encourages other aspiring authors to live a life with “Big Dreams, No Regrets”, as she has. Follow her Hey, Mom blog http://www.sbgpublishing.com/category/hey-mom-blog/

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