Hey Mom It’s Spirit Week

Hey Mom! It's Spirit Week! 

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Ah, spirit week at school for homecoming. Some may look at this as a fun week full of spirit for your mighty school mascot, but I see it as a bit stressful. Self-induced stress most likely, but stress nonetheless. Your kiddo comes home with high expectations as they hand you the list of what YOU must do to make it a success!  I look at the list and think, ok, I can do this! Spirit weeks of long past come to mind and remind me of my successes and utter failures. Of course, kids don’t have to participate but when you come across all of the cute pics filled with clever ideas for themes on social media sites, YOU don’t want to be the mom who can't hack it (been there, done that!). So here we go…                                                         HEY MOM! It's Spirit Week!

Monday: Super Hero Day. YES, this has to be super easy! Kel has dozens of super hero costumes and t-shirts. We easily decide on a Captain America shirt. THEN, it was time to decide on a costume as we HAD to have a costume too, right? That is where the problem started. The problem with having a dozen super hero costumes is that well, you have to DECIDE which one you are going to wear. We went through Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Star Lord, Spider Man, Hawk Eye, Thor, and Rick from the Walking Dead (don’t ask). Now I wasn’t stressed out, but Kel was! Then came the Iron Man hands, Hulk Fists and the different masks. After almost being late for school, he decided on Hulk. He came home that night proudly stating he was the only Hulk!...... Woot! Day 1 Down. 

Tuesday. Mummy Day. Ok, Haunted Homecoming, “wrap up” the other team. Ok, I get it. A mummy. Kel point blank told me not to wrap him in toilet paper. The thought had crossed my mind, but toilet paper is expensive and I wasn’t wasting a couple of rolls wrapping him up. Ok, Plan B. I found a white t-shirt, cut it up, bought some gauze and some safety pens, pinned it all over his clothes, wrapped up his head and WA-LAH! A mummy! Not the most creative, but hey, he was happy and we weren’t late.....this mom's got the spirit! Day 2 Success!

Wednesday: Pajama Day! Super easy, right? Well, the day before I got to thinking that I didn’t think Kel even had any pajamas that matched at this point. Poor kid gets hand me downs from his brother and not all the correct pieces made the hand down. I didn’t have time to go anywhere, so luckily his Jo Jo (his grandma) was able to get him some Star Wars jammies...day three down, Grandma Scores!

Thursday: Ah, Crazy Hair Day! Anyone that has seen Kel knows he has crazy hair anyway, so this was going to be super easy. Hmmmm…what should we go with. When brushed, he looks like Bo Duke (aging myself, aren’t I) and if he combs down just the middle, he makes a great George Washington. Oh, but wait…..Grandma saves the day again with red and black hairspray! Kel is super stoked on Day 4! 

Day 5....we cheer for our team! Go Owls!

So all in all, Spirit Week was a success. One kiddo happy and one team supported with all of our Spirit! So Hey, Moms-don’t stress about Spirit Week. You got this! And so does Grandma! 

And by no means do we want to exclude any of those Hey Dads out there that have the Spirit! We love our Hey Dads!

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