Hey Mom I Need Money

Hey Mom, can I have some money?


How many of us have heard THAT before? As a mom, I sometimes feel like I get nickeled and dimed to death. Twenty dollars here for lunch money, ten dollars there to replace the calculator you lost on the second day of school, fifty dollars for school pictures that for nothing else is worth it as I can use them as blackmail later. It seems like it never ends.

My 13 year old came to me the other morning and asked if he could have ten bucks to go eat lunch with his buddies. He has recently picked up a part-time job and has been earning his own money. I emphatically said to him, “What? Don’t you have your own money?” He answered yes, but he wanted to save his for something else. Ha! Yeah, me too, bucko! Mama needs a pedi! Then in the pit of my stomach, I felt that familiar mom guilt set in. I think back to all of the things my mother gave me money for....gas money for endlessly cruising, sorority t-shirts, pizza runs, and those random party favors and pictures. My mother basically pay-rolled my social life. Maybe she wanted a pedi, but I wanted to go to Pizza Hut with my friends. But should I pay-roll every time he wants to go get a burger? It seems like we give our kids every thing they ask for these days. I catch myself doing it. I think I do it mostly out of guilt, which I still am unsure where that guilt comes from. Hmmm.....So, in my head I was here:

1. I let my guilt get the better of me and give him the ten bucks and also apologize to my mother for the endless amount of t-shirts she eventually made into a quilt.

2. I play “hard mom” and tell him to use his own money. Teach him money doesn’t grow on trees! You have to earn your fun!

Hmmmm.....and then it hits me--a solution. A perfect one, probably not, but it was working for me today. AND, since it was 10 a.m. and I was still in my pajamas, I felt like I could accomplish at least one thing before noon. I wouldn’t feel as guilty and still could teach a (semi)lesson. I would meet him in the middle. So, I marched into his room and declared, “Here is five bucks!” I will note that is actually all I had anyway. Who carries cash anymore??? I expected a sigh or an eye roll, but after I declared that we would share the cost of his lunch, he smiled, said thank you, and gave me a “pat”. Sometimes hugs are just TOOOO hard....but I take what I can get.

So Moms out there, what do you think? Do we give too much? Is the urge to give our kids everything not teaching them enough about real life? I struggle with this. I would love to hear other’s thoughts!


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Is the urge to give our kids everything not teaching them enough about real life?

Cari Pointer

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Cari Pointer

Cari Pointer first became interested in writing children’s books while taking a creative writing class during high school in the small southern town of Puxico, Missouri. She went on to attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, where her career interests turned toward helping ensure the safety and welfare of children. Cari has been working as a child welfare advocate for the State of Missouri for over a decade. In addition to working full time as a professional child welfare advocate, she is the mother of two growing boys. Her boys inspired the Hey Mom book series with their endless amount of the “hey mom, can yous”. In 2015, with the support of her husband and two boys, Cari decided to pursue her dream of writing her first children’s book. With her role as a published children’s book author, Cari has a new tool to use in her continued advocacy for children. Cari encourages other aspiring authors to live a life with “Big Dreams, No Regrets”, as she has. Follow her Hey, Mom blog http://www.sbgpublishing.com/category/hey-mom-blog/

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