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Hey Mom! Who likes FUN? I am still trying to adjust to getting back into the school routine, but had to share one of the most fun places on earth, snuggled in the heart of downtown St. Louis. Everyone knows the Lou for the Arch, The Zoo, and of course the Cardinals (yep, I bleed Cardinal red!), but did you know about the City Museum? A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon this and we decided to take a mini-vacay to St. Louis. We went again a few months ago because we LOVED IT. Looking at pictures prior to our visit, it appeared that there would be a lot of crawling, climbing, and all out FUN! I was pumped. I put my workout gear and tennies on and we prepared to conquer the City Museum. I dressed the kids in bright colors so I could find them in the cavernous mazes. First thing I saw upon walking up to the City Museum was a huge school bus several stories up sticking out over the ledge of the building. My first thought? WAAAYYY cool. Wonder who is gonna have more fun here? Me or the kiddos?

We get in, bracelets on, rules rehearsed. Don’t leave mom and dad behind was the number one rule. Then, we are off! We all go running. There are holes and tunnels to climb through. Trees, whale bellies! Laughter and screeching all around! Then there are the dark caverns. I can’t see a thing and suddenly, I don’t know if the bright clothes were enough! Woot parenting win! I remembered to bring flashlights! Oops, I might have tripped over a few kids making my way around! My bad! What? A 10 story slide? YES, PLEASE! I run up ten flights of winding stairs (bonus, great workout moms!) to go flying down a winding slippery slide, laughing all the way. Ok, now….need to find the kids. There is a whole playground of wonderful craziness outside. Let’s GO!

We head outside and there are several stories of crazy open metal “tunnels” that are up in the air and you are so high! Not for the those with a fear of heights! You can drive the school bus hanging OFF of the building or fly the plane ready to take off the building. Go up in the castle if you so choose, Repunzel! Slides to fly down from your peak point. I found myself laughing the whole time. I felt like a kid again. Then there is the roof! A ferris wheel on the top of the building overlooking beautiful St. Louis. Rope climbs, spinning chairs, slippery slides everywhere! Yeah…the kids were having fun. BUT me? I was having a BLAST. I literally felt like a kid playing on the playground. I caught myself laughing and smiling for no reason other than I was having FUN! Sometimes we forget to have FUN. And I love having FUN.
Hey, the lesson here is regardless of where you go, what you do, who you are with. Don’t forget to have fun. And…the nerd in me ended up looking at the huge door knob collection on Level 2. Yep, they have a little for everyone. So for me, City Museum was not only great for family fun, but good to rejuvenate my “fun soul”. I did the rope swing and warp wall with the kids. Supposedly there is video..and I rocked it! I crawled and climbed and even got stuck in a hole. I had bruises everywhere, but it was worth it to “play”. We all need to take time and play sometimes. Oh, and you know what? I broke my own rule a couple of times….don’t leave mom and dad behind? Sorry kiddos for leaving you in my dust a couple of times…wwwweeeeeeeeee.

Suggestions for an awesome time at the City Museum:
1. Clothing that is easy to move in and comfortable. You will be climbing, crawling, crouching and sliding! Bright colors for the kids!
2. Flashlights! Good for the darker places.
3. This place is huge. I saw several families with walkie talkies.
4. Cross-body purse or bag. You will be very active and don’t want to have to mess with carrying a lot of things.
5. Knee pads have been suggested. We didn’t use them, but I will say we came out with a lot of bumps and bruises.
6. They do have several affordable places to eat within the City Museum
7. Adult refreshments available also
8. Go early! It can get very crowded!
9. If you are going in the warm weather, head outside and to the rooftop in the morning. Much cooler then.
10. Although you would think this is only a place for kids, adults have a great time here also. They are open later on weekends. What a great GNO or date night!

Have Fun!

Cari Pointer, Author of the Hey Mom! Book Series

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