A Troll’s Christmas

Hey--How about a Troll Christmas? Why Not?

This year, I really didn’t feel like dragging out the tree, ornaments, bows, beads, etc. I felt it was more hassle than fun. I saw everyone on social media putting up their tree, looking like something out of a magazine, but I still didn’t feel it...I didn't feel inspired. I needed an alternative, something new, something fun...  

....but once I walked into the home decor store and saw the six foot pink Christmas tree...I was hooked! Oh, it was so pretty! And I need some pretty living in a house of boys. Oh, then I saw the six foot red tree! I imagined how I could decorate it...it was fierce! Then, I saw the little red tree and the little silver tree. Oh, there was a little pink one, blue one, and green! The ideas starting rolling around in my head, and I thought... TROLL CHRISTMAS! Such a cute movie, and why not? I like to shake things up a bit.  I went from Grinch to Ms. Christmas in a matter of ten minutes (reindeer antlers and all). I still needed trolls. I hit Target, and what do I find? Trolls from my generation for a buck! Woot! I had to invest in a few extras and a Poppy and a Branch too! Troll Christmas forest it would be!

I brought it all home and told Kel we were making a Troll Christmas forest! He was SUPER excited. I think the rest of the clan was just humoring my whim, as usual. Kel’s first question was...,"Can I have one?”. I let him have one troll and then said he could have the rest after Christmas, except for Poppy--she is mine. I put up the trees, glued paperclips on the trolls to hang them on the trees. I had cute little cupcake, candy, and colorful ornaments. 

Is it the fanciest, most traditional Christmas decor you have seen? Most likely not. But it is fun, different, and made us happy. Remember the theme of the movie...happiness. Hey--can’t stop the feeling, so let’s dance, dance, dance! 

hey mom can you storybook genius publishing

Kale is one cute boy with a very bad case of the HEY MOM CAN YOUS! This delightful book tells the very familiar tale of the day that would not end for one very tired, very patient mommy! Follow Kale and his mom to find out if the HEY MOM CAN YOUS come to an end. But beware…this adorable story and its brilliant illustrations will leave your child saying “HEY MOM CAN YOU read this book” again, and again and again!

Cari Pointer

About the Author

Cari Pointer

Cari Pointer first became interested in writing children’s books while taking a creative writing class during high school in the small southern town of Puxico, Missouri. She went on to attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, where her career interests turned toward helping ensure the safety and welfare of children. Cari has been working as a child welfare advocate for the State of Missouri for over a decade. In addition to working full time as a professional child welfare advocate, she is the mother of two growing boys. Her boys inspired the Hey Mom book series with their endless amount of the “hey mom, can yous”. In 2015, with the support of her husband and two boys, Cari decided to pursue her dream of writing her first children’s book. With her role as a published children’s book author, Cari has a new tool to use in her continued advocacy for children. Cari encourages other aspiring authors to live a life with “Big Dreams, No Regrets”, as she has. Follow her Hey, Mom blog http://www.sbgpublishing.com/category/hey-mom-blog/

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