7 Days – 7 Healthy Tips – Day 3

Only 5 more days until you meet author Michelle Mansfield! 

at BookCon Health and Wellness Panel, Sunday June 4 at 3:30 p.m. 

Here is Tip #3 on improving the health, energy and vitality of your family from Holistic Health Coach and author, Michelle Mansfield...

Let your child choose between several healthy food options - empower them to make good choices for themselves. 

  •  Serve dinner family style and allow your family to choose what they put on their plate.  Have plenty of "grow" foods (healthy food choices that your child may not have tried or you fear they may not try/like) and remember to always include one healthy "know" item, too ( healthy food that you know your family will eat). You will have a better chance of your children trying "grow" foods if you give them the opportunity to say "yes please" or "no please" to trying the new food. Just remember you are in control of the choices you put in front of them...so give them the best choices and you can't lose! And don't be discouraged if they don't try the "grow" food the first time they are presented with it...keep trying, they will!
  • "No thank you bowl" - If they try it, and don’t like it, they still need to be polite. I have a “no thank you bowl" next to my daughter, Brooklyn, where she is asked to politely put the food in. No more toddler tossing matches!
  • It’s OK if they don’t like it, no big deal. Maybe another time. I use examples of foods that I didn’t like as a child but now I LOVE. So I tell Brooklyn maybe we’ll try again in a few weeks. I let Brooklyn know it’s normal not to like a food. 
  • Talk about food in a positive way -  establish the connection between food and body. Instead of plopping food in front of them, engage in a conversation about the food and what it does for their body. This totally works for Brooklyn, especially for breakfast. I tell her what the foods do for her -  energy to play with her friends, make her brain grow and become smarter, or the strength to climb higher than she did yesterday. She gets excited that she has the power to make her body work!
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Want more simple tips that make big changes in your family's health, energy and vitality? Meet Michelle in person in NYC at BookCon, June 4, 3:30 p.m. on the Downtown Stage where she will be discussing these very topics and many more!  And if you can't be there in person, no worries!  Tomorrow she is giving us tips on fun ways to get more veggies into your family's diet!

Meet Michelle on the Downtown Stage at BookCon, June 4 - 3:30 p.m. and hear more healthful tips on nutrition, exercise, finding balance and creating more energy in your family's life. She will be a featured expert on the discussion panel, Striving for Wellness, a discussion about Mind, Body, Spirit Balance. And she will be signing her new book, It's Just Me...Brooklyn! 

A spectacular celebration of being a singleton! Follow Brooklyn as her 2 cats try to prove that 2 is better than 1. Brooklyn and her kitty counterparts discover that whether you are a single or a pair, that just being yourself is amazing!

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Michelle Mansfield

I am a board certified Holistic Health Coach that helps others create vibrant, healthy lifestyles full of energy, strength and confidence! My new book series, It's Just Me...Brooklyn, entertains and encourages families to choose healthy eating and living. When WE eat as a family, exercise as a family, read as a family...WE grow together as a family.

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