NYC…here I come!

Leg one. On my way to Kansas City. A little nervous, a lot excited, and no clue what the next few days would hold. I had on my flamingo dress, so I was dressed for success! We board the plane and as the wheels went up, my excitement only grew. We landed in Chicago and I spent the next eight hours roaming Midway Airport due to three delays. My patience was thinning, but my anticipation only grew. Ah, 4:30 rolled around, and we started to board! Finally, I was off to NYC!

I touched down in Newark, New Jersey, to a drizzly night. I guess this is as good as time as any to admit I brought enough clothes to last a month and eleven pair of shoes. Some say I overpack, I just feel I am prepared for any situation. So, I drug everything out and hailed a cab. I was headed to the Row NYC in Manhattan. I checked in and “Junior” told me he couldn’t imagine me staying in a standard room for five nights and upgraded me to a room with a partial view of Broadway! I headed up to the room and flung open the door to my upgraded fancy NYC hotel room. I stood there and laughed as I am pretty sure my college dorm room was bigger. I dropped the luggage and ran to the window and there it was, my partial view of Broadway streaming through the, well, very dirty, window. It was about 10 p.m. at that point, so what did I think was a good idea???? EXPLORE!!!!! I was in New York City! I had to see the lights!

I headed out again and it was raining slightly. I got my bearings and turned toward the Great White Way. Excitement building, I kept going and then there I was. Times Square. The entire block was lit up in flashing lights. HELLO, YOU BIG BEAUTIFUL CITY! I sillily spun in a circle in the Middle of Times Square. I AM HERE!!!!!!!! I just stood there a bit, drinking it in. Feeling the energy of the city already running through me. I made it. -Cari

nyc here I come
hey mom can you storybook genius publishing

Kale is back…but this time he wants to be big! Hang in there mom…he can’t make too much of a mess…right? From the author of, Hey Mom! Can you, comes a delightful tale of the struggle between a child’s independence and a parent’s sanity!

Cari Pointer

About the Author

Cari Pointer

Cari Pointer first became interested in writing children’s books while taking a creative writing class during high school in the small southern town of Puxico, Missouri. She went on to attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, where her career interests turned toward helping ensure the safety and welfare of children. Cari has been working as a child welfare advocate for the State of Missouri for over a decade. In addition to working full time as a professional child welfare advocate, she is the mother of two growing boys. Her boys inspired the Hey Mom book series with their endless amount of the “hey mom, can yous”. In 2015, with the support of her husband and two boys, Cari decided to pursue her dream of writing her first children’s book. With her role as a published children’s book author, Cari has a new tool to use in her continued advocacy for children. Cari encourages other aspiring authors to live a life with “Big Dreams, No Regrets”, as she has. Follow her Hey, Mom blog

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